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Monte Vista Police Chief Resigns

Monte Vista Police Chief James Grayson has tendered his resignation from the City of Monte Vista effective immediately. 

Grayson served for four years at the helm of the Police Department. During that time Chief Grayson oversaw many changes in the City’s Police Department. Under his command the department recommitted itself to dealing with a number of crime issues which had been plaguing the community. 

In conjunction with the City Council, Grayson was able to re-ignite a passion for Neighborhood Watch, which continues to grow as a vital community organization. Grayson also helped to modernize the Police Force, used his extensive knowledge to obtain a number of grants and created comprehensive training programs for the officers. 

“Chief Grayson’s contributions to the community were invaluable”, said Forrest Neuerburg, city manager. “He did a great job putting together a police department which is serving the community well and has tackled a number of difficult issues. I wish him the best and we hope to continue to move forward in the most positive manner possible.”

US 160 Intersection Improvements

CDOT is working to replace traffic signals and do traffic striping along US 160. These improvements will improve the operation and safety of each intersection, and will not affect traffic during Ski Hi Stampede. You can view more information here. If you have any questions about this project, you can contact the Public Information Team at 970-426-5356 or US160@PublicInfoTeam.com

Please be informed- Posting advertisement signs on utility poles, street sign posts and public rights of way is prohibited by City Code. There is a bulletin board at the Chamber of Commerce Information Center that is available for advertisements such as garage and yard sales. Please be considerate of public property in our town and use designated areas for your advertisements. Thank you!

Xpress Bill Pay Mobile App

You can now pay your bills with the new iOS mobile app for Xpress Bill Pay! The free mobile app is available for download from the Apple App Store, with an Android App coming early 2017 from Google Play. For more information, please click here or visit xpressbillpay.com!

Manhole Replacement

RMS Utilities Inc. is starting work on a number of manholes located throughout the City. Their operations started on Monday, June 13, and will include daily road closures for everyone except residents of the area. We appreciate residents being courteous and patient with their crews and equipment!

Please click here for the schedule and daily maps of construction areas, and visit www.rmsutilities.com for any questions or concerns.

Mission Statement:
The Economic Development Assistance Policy is geared to aid new and existing businesses in the City of Monte Vista for the betterment of the economic health of the City and to provide competitive quality employment opportunities and services to the community.

Click here to view the updated Economic Development Assistance Policy.

Mosquito Spraying in City Limits

We'd like to encourage everyone to help us spread the word that the City's mosquito spraying efforts will begin on May 19th and run through the middle of September. More details:

Time: Between the Hours of 5:00 p.m.—1:00 a.m.
Route: Tuesdays and Thursdays—all Monte Vista City Limits

Residents can assist city mosquito control efforts by eliminating standing water within their yards and regularly changing water in things like pools and bird baths. For tips on mosquito bite prevention, visit www.fightthebitecolorado.com and please plan your outdoor activity accordingly.

Due to the upcoming holiday, we are mailing the July water bills early. If you have recently made a payment on your account, prior balance amounts may not have been updated. We will also continue to do budget billing-if you are interested or want more information, please contact the City of Monte Vista. And remember, you can check your current bill at any time and pay online at XpressBillPay.com!

Changes to City Water Rates

There is a correction to the article in the Valley Courier's May 25th issue which stated that the rate increase over 15,000 gallons used in the winter would be $1.46 per gallon. That is actually $1.46 per thousand gallons.

The new rates will go into effect for the July 2016 billing period. For more information on the new rates, please click here.

2016 Drinking Water Quality Report:

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