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Customer Satisfaction Survey Regarding Charter Communications

  1. Customer Satisfaction Survey Regarding Charter Communications

    The City of Monte Vista is in process of negotiating a new franchise with Charter Communications for Cable Television services. Due to privacy laws, Charter did not furnish the City with a list of its customers so if you are not a Charter customer (or do not intend to become a customer) you may disregard this survey. If you are a Charter customer, the City would like to obtain your input and feedback regarding issues, complaints, additional services, costs, maintenance, replacement of obsolete equipment, bundling, channel lineup, communications with Charter Representatives, or any other issues that the City should consider in negotiating this franchise. Please take a few moments to fill out and return this survey since your response may influence the quality and composition of the cable TV service you may be receiving from Charter for future years.

  2. 1.

    During the last 2 – 3 years, Charter has converted from analog to digital service. Are you satisfied with the manner in which the conversion was effected?

  3. 2.

    Are you satisfied with the new HD Channel lineup?

  4. 3.

    Have Charter representatives been responsive to your questions about quality of service and range of products it is offering?

  5. 4.

    Have you been satisfied with maintenance and repairs to your service?

  6. 5.

    Has it been timely?

  7. 6.

    Has the cost of service been reasonable?

  8. 7.

    Do you believe the bundling of service with telephone and internet has met your needs?

  9. 8.

    Is the additional cost of each TV connection a concern?

  10. 9.

    Have you experienced any "outages" of which Charter should be aware?

  11. The City requests that you return the results of this survey within the next 10 days so that it can complete its negotiations with Charter during the month of December, 2016.

    If you have any questions, please contact Forrest Neuerburg at 719-852-2692. Thanks for your response!

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