Stage Rental

The City of Monte Vista Recreation Department has a stage available to rent. Cost is $200, which includes:
  • Eight stage sections
  • 48 legs
  • Stairs
  • Skirting
  • One T-handle wrench
To rent the stage, please contact the Recreation department. You will also need to sign the agreement form, found below.

Chapman Park Pavilion

The City of Monte Vista Recreation Department offers Chapman Park Pavilion for reservations for community and private events. However, in order for daily park users to be able to use the Pavilion as well, we have left open hours for daily park goers. The reservation is for the Pavilion area only; the park itself is open to the public at all times.

A Chapman Park Pavilion application will be mailed to you upon request or one can be obtained at City Hall, 95 W. First Ave, Monte Vista, CO. 81144. The application must be filled out and signed; the full refundable damage deposit of $50.00 payable to the City of Monte Vista must accompany the application and returned to the Administrative Assistant before any reservations will be confirmed. Chapman Park Pavilion is scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Damage Deposit
  1. A $50.00 cleaning/trash removal/damage deposit will be required for all reservation. If you are renting chairs for your event, this deposit needs to be a separate check. If, after the event, the Pavilion and equipment has been left in the condition that it was found and all the trash removed, the full cleaning and damage deposit will be returned. If any cleaning or trash removal is required, there will be a $50 per hour fee assessed that will be taken out of the deposit. If any equipment has been damaged the deposit will be used to offset the cost for replacement. If the replacement cost is greater than $50.00, the Permit Holder will be billed for the balance due. The Permit Holder will receive the balance of the deposit if any is due, as well as copies of receipts for replacement. 
  • Amenities 
  1. There is one picnic table in the Pavilion. If you choose to move out the picnic table, please make sure to return it to the Pavilion.
  2. There are two grills in the Pavilion. Bringing your own grill is also permissible. However, whichever grill you use, you will need to dispose of your charcoal ash in the provided ash bin located by the Pavilion Shed. A wheelbarrow and shovel will be provided for you to accomplish this. No burning of trash is permitted in the ash bin.
  3. There are electrical outlets and lights for the Pavilion. 
  • Table and Chair Rental 
  1. 10 tables (30”x 72”) and 60 chairs are available for rental. Tables must be covered for use. Cutting directly onto tables is prohibited. Hot items must have trivets underneath them. Set-up and tear-down of tables is the responsibility of the renter.
  2. Cost: Commercial and Residential = $60 per rental Non-Profits = $40 per rental.

Ski Hi Rental

  • To reserve a date or receive help filling out the application please contact Amanda Klapperich.  A completed application, tabulation form and deposit will need to be received within 2 business weeks of your reservation.
  • Visit the Ski Hi page for these forms and more information on renting Ski Hi.