Public Works Department

View bid for SKI HI Structural Improvements here.
View bid for Hot Water to Vali 3 Theater Restrooms here.

For more information regarding the bids please contact Public Works Director Robert Vance at (719) 852-2692 ext 103 or email

The Public Works and Utilities Department of the City of Monte Vista provides a diverse range of important services to the community, including:
  • Airport maintenance
  • Inspect and repair water and sewer lines
  • Parks maintenance
  • Snow removal
  • Storm drainage
  • Street and sidewalk maintenance
  • Traffic signs and marking
  • Utility system components
The Department identifies long-term water supply requirements and treats wastewater to State and Federal Standards.The department also provides vehicle and equipment maintenance services for all other city departments. We also implement and administer the City’s Master Infrastructure Plan and Capital Improvement Program.

Click here to view our Snow Removal Policy reminder

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Public Works is to provide high quality streets, water, and sewer services to the community, while maintaining the safety and well-being of our citizens and employees.
Street sweeper driving down the street. The picture links to a street sweeping operations document.